Tips for marketing your site...

The old adage of "If you build it, they will come," no longer applies to the web.  Increased competition for an online presence is fierce!

A web site for your business is one tool in your overall marketing strategy.  When used in combination with on-line marketing, direct email and mail to customers, and print advertising, it can be an effective sales tool.  Some ideas:

1) Update your web site with any news or sales promotions your business is offering.  It keeps your site updated and serves a demographic of your business that will check the web for information.

2) Offer information (recipes, relevant news articles, how to advice) in exchange for signing up on your mailing list. This list is beneficial as these potential customers are already interested in what products / services you are providing.

3) Get your site listed with other complimentary sites.  It will expand your exposure while helping you rank higher in the search engines.

4) Make sure your web site address is listed on EVERYTHING!

 promoting your site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

VS Web Design employs conventional SEO strategies when building each site.  Proper use of page titles, descriptions, keywords and heading are used to aid search engines in properly indexing your site.  In addition, we utilize Google Webmaster Tools as a check list to make sure your site meets their recommendations including sitemaps and robots.txt files.

No one can guarantee you top placement on Google and Yahoo for any given keyword as their algorithms are complex and some criteria is outside our control, but we adhere to their recommendations to get you the best placement possible.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising on services such as Google Adwords and Yahoo! can be an effective tool for driving traffic to your site.  You've probably seen those "Sponsored Listings" along the top or right column of the pages...those are PPC advertisers.

VS Web Design can help set up your PPC campaign determining a good set of keywords and click-through budgets for each.  You determine and adjust your PPC budget and add/remove keywords based on performance.

To help track your conversion rates, we provide a special URL that our shopping cart system will use to help track how many visitors came to your site through your PPC campaigns as well as how much they spent.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing can be a very cost-effective way to keep in touch with your existing customers.  We can design and set up email campaigns for newsletters, promotions, specials, or any other message you want to get out.  In addition, we can track how many of your email recipients opened their email, visited your site, or purchased products based on clicking through your email campaign.  The starting cost is $0.05/email but can be less depending on the size of your campaign.

Social Networking

Integrate posts from your businesses Facebook Fan Page or Twitter posts directly into your web site.  Or, simply let visitors know that they can follow you on a myriad of social networking sites.  We can even incorporate your Blogger blog directly into your site.